You Won’t Remember Me

She was living in the thick underbrush near the riverbank, skinny and scrounging for food among the garbage left by weekday fishermen and many others.  A frayed and faded collar betrayed her last owner, proof of abandonment, possibly discarded for lack of puppies or a soft disposition, making her unsuitable for crueler purposes.  It happens... Continue Reading →


I had never worked with a rescue group, but my husband and I had rescued dogs on our own, fixed them up, made sure they were neutered or spayed, and found good homes for them, that is, when we didn’t keep them ourselves. I had read about Corridor Rescue, Inc. in the local paper, their... Continue Reading →

As it passes by

We didn't need a big dog, we already had two big dogs, but that brown lab was the saddest animal I'd ever seen, and I couldn't walk away. I did at first, I left the pet store where the rescue group was set up, drove home, but she wouldn't leave me alone. She was found... Continue Reading →

The Price

I said I wasn't going to do it again. I wasn't going to set myself up for heartbreak and regret, but I did and Iris lies curled up on the bed I’ve made for her, trusting me, needing me to do what is best for her, so I will try. One of three little sisters... Continue Reading →


As the crow flies, past the fence, fields and far tree line, across a small town and an inlet bay, sand, silt, and seaweed rise, fall and turn over again.  Egrets and Heron fly inland to rummage our swampy fields and fresh-water ponds.  Away from the summer squalls, they feast on crawfish and young perch. ... Continue Reading →

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